The theme of nature is our starting point: natural fabrics and organic fibres are our core business. We manufacture multi-yarn structures both in warp and weft; the impressive visual effect is created by the mix of shiny and opaque threads. Always attentive to new trends and above all to the environment, Blù develops, thanks to the Style Office and the constant Research and Development, Jacquard upholstery and plain fabrics, both roll-dyed and yarn-dyed, made of natural fibres such as linen, cotton and jute, in harmony with the concept of eco-sustainability. The collections give new life to materials considered classic and unusual, enlivening them with a modern spirit, with colours and designs that take inspiration from the past in order to dress the future.

Every year we create new collections based on references transferred from fashion: a wide range of products that gives our clients maximum freedom to compose their own collections.